Client Profiles

360 Wealth Management helps clients with a variety of investment and planning solutions.

We help them develop financial plans and investment strategies and then manage their personal accounts, personal trusts, family trusts, retirement accounts, family partnerships, donor-advised charitable trusts, and family foundations.

The profiles below are representative of our clients.

Executive Doing Well And Respects Diversification

Edward was a senior corporate executive who created his wealth by accumulating a concentrated position in his company's stock during his career. He recognized that stock concentration helped him build his fortune and that maintaining such stock concentration could just as easily ruin it. He had seen others suffer staggering losses by unnecessarily retaining the unrewarded risk of holding a concentrated stock position. He was looking for an experienced portfolio manager to help him create a plan to transition into an effectively diversified investment portfolio to help him preserve his family's wealth.

Fiduciary Responsibility And Nervous

Fran was named the successor trustee of her family trust. She was selected because of the trustor's faith in her emotional and financial maturity. There are other beneficiaries of the trust besides Fran and she doesn't want the money issues damaging the relationships between them. While she was confident with the faith that was placed in her, she recognized that she needed the additional knowledge, skill, experience and judgment that professionals could provide.

Worked All Life To Enjoy Retirement

Walter has enjoyed a successful career, more than one in fact, and has been disciplined to save regularly using employer-sponsored retirement plans and individual retirement accounts.  He has also made some additional investments with his after-tax savings. He found that his diligence and tenacity paid off as he realized the magnitude of the final result measured on a much larger scale than the annual contributions he ever made. He didn't want the responsibilities of managing his investments to be his next job, as he has a good list of other endeavors he prefers to pursue instead.

Inherited, Responsibility Is Scary

The responsibility for money had just fallen unexpectedly in Doug's lap and he was inexperienced in this arena. While his lack of experience made him uncomfortable, he recognized that he was astute and disciplined and he was unwilling to just let someone else take care of it for him. He had witnessed the losses, hardship and sadness of others who had abdicated resonsibilities that they should have kept for themselves. He wanted an experienced financial advisor to help him set the course, provide the technical advice and manage the day-to-day activities.

Professional And Understands Liability

Paul is a healthcare professional who lives in a demanding and litigious world. Much is required and expected of him and he needed other professionals he could count on to deliver the same level of proficiency when it came to his personal finances. Paul needed a professional advisor to help him develop strategies to protect his assets, develop and monitor his plans to retire and manage his pension plan account for his practice and his personal investment and IRA accounts.

Widow In Need Of New Advisor

Winona tried to work with her late husband's stockbroker but she was not comfortable with the relationship. She had no background or experience to evaluate his recommendations and always felt troubled knowing that once she gave her approval to him to place the trade he recommended, that the responsibility for the trade was transferred from him to her. She wanted a fiduciary relationship with an advisor who was held to keep these responsibilities, always act in her best interest and relieve her of the burden and stress.

Made It, Can Have An Easier Life

Michael is enterprising and has taken and lived with many business risks to achieve financial gain. He built a business and succeeded by working with others who could contribute the knowledge, skills and experience he lacked. Then, he was blessed to be able to harvest the fruits of his endeavors. He recognized that he still needed the knowledge, skills and experience of others for his continued success, especially as the nature of his assets had changed.

Successful, Industrious Entrepreneur Now Needs Advisor

Sienna followed her dream as she created a new fashion line that has become firmly established and is now enjoying solid growth. She travels extensively as her line broadens its reach and she realizes that the success she envisioned is upon her. She recognized it was time to add another member to her team of trusted advisors to help her see beyond the moment and help her work on developing her financial independence beyond her new company.

High Earner, Not Rich Yet

Henry's hard work is paying off as he hits his stride in his career. He is focused on his career opportunities and enjoying his family with his wife, so he delegates to those who can support him. Time is his most precious commodity and there can't be too many additional sets of hands to help him and his wife with all that is on their plate. Both Henry and his wife recognized that financial planning and managing investment portfolios are career tracks that neither of them have the time nor training to risk trying to pursue themselves.

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