Investment Management

Navigating Your Financial Journey

Accumulating wealth throughout your life takes persistence and focus. It’s a journey, and reaching your destination can mean a better life and security for you and your loved ones. To set and steer a course, you may need help from a guide you can trust.

Travel with a guide you can trust to help you reach your financial destination.

Confidence about your investments requires being clear about your goals and comfortable with the advice you get for reaching them. That comfort comes from the trust we work hard to earn, starting with our first meeting.

Creating and Sticking with a Plan

From understanding your goals and circumstances to creating and monitoring your portfolio, we provide a thorough investment consulting process. We work with you, helping you manage your investments at every life stage.

Our investment consulting process is a disciplined means for helping you navigate changing markets. We use it to plan, implement and monitor your investment strategy. You can think of the process as a way to get your bearings, take your first steps, and keep your goals in sight. The process is backed by research that is designed to help ensure your portfolio adapts to changing market conditions, with the goal of keeping you on course. 

Developing your Strategy

To create an investment strategy that seeks to keep you on course in a variety of market conditions, we need to understand your circumstances and what you want to accomplish. We work with you to answer a number of key questions.

  • What are your goals, including retirement, providing for loved ones, major purchases, or anything else important to you?
  • Do you need access to your capital in a few decades, a few years or sooner?
  • What is your appetite for risk? (Which types of investments would be best for you?)

Choosing Your Route

You might believe that the key to successful investing is buying a diverse group of securities and holding them for years, but over the past decade—and for long stretches of the past century—that approach alone hasn’t been effective. When markets are volatile, we believe it is particularly important to avoid deep losses in your portfolio.

We have access to a variety of asset allocation approaches that address varying market conditions. They range from aggressively seeking to capture market returns to minimizing risk regardless of market direction. By combining approaches, and aligning them with your goals, we strive to help your portfolio perform optimally to reduce the impact of market volatility.

The investments we recommend are based on research by a variety of established industry professionals. Their strategies are regularly monitored to assure they’re sound, and that they appropriately reflect those professionals’ investment philosophies. These strategists range from large institutions to smaller specialists—together they provide a broad range of approaches that accommodate nearly all investor needs. As your life circumstances change, we can alter the mix of these approaches to reflect them.


Your financial journey is not a sprint. It spans years, even decades. And we’re committed to supporting you the whole way.

Considering the Forecast

We talk about our view and get your opinion of the current market and economic environment, and the outlook for future years. We combine that outlook with your investment stance to recommend how you should allocate your assets. Again, our main goal is for you to be clear and confident about where your money is put to work. We keep you informed of changes in the economy and the markets and discuss how the portfolio modifications we recommend are designed to take advantage of current environments.

Overcoming Obstacles

On your financial journey, you’ll face many obstacles and challenges. One example is that the sheer volume of information available can seem overwhelming. It’s challenging to decide who to listen to, especially when those offering advice aren’t familiar with your circumstances and goals. Your money is too important and financial products are too complex to invest without a solid long-term plan. The strategy we develop is created in a manner to help enable you to avoid distractions, and we provide regular guidance so you don’t get off track.

Market volatility is another big challenge for most investors. Historically, financial markets have moved through long-term cycles marked by broad gains and declines. When markets are gaining, making progress toward your goal is easier. But how do you respond when markets are declining? We can help. We’re with you for the long haul, seeking to keep you on course for your destination regardless of how the market ebbs and flows.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle between you and your financial goals may surprise you—it’s your emotions. Given information overload and market volatility, there may be times when you lose confidence—when you’ll want to change direction or even give up. Research shows that investing based on emotional responses causes many investors to make ill-timed decisions, with costly results.  We help you counter your emotions by meeting with you to provide perspective about your long-term goals and helping you be disciplined about achieving them.

A trusted advisor supports your financial journey—one that lasts for the rest of your life. Helping you feel secure about your future is at the heart of what we do. We’d appreciate the opportunity to start earning your trust.

Staying the Course

An important part of our job is keeping you informed. We regularly review the performance of your portfolio and explain any recommendations we have for making adjustments. We keep in touch about your circumstances and use what we learn to keep your investments on course for your destination.

We will furnish you with a host of information regarding investment strategists, industry research and other data to provide background on our efforts. We are always happy to discuss this, as well as any other information you gather independantly, to help you learn and feel comfortable with your investments.

Choosing a Good Navigator

We specialize in working with individuals to achieve long-term results that make a difference in their lives. We help you create and navigate a disciplined path to your goal, earning your trust by making sure you’re clear about your progress every step of the way. We strive to enable you to feel confident and calm in the face of ever-changing economic conditions.  We are proud to provide our clients with exclusive access to the world's leading insitutional investment management firms, listed below.


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