Life Events

Life events often trigger a client's need for Financial Planning advice across multiple Financial Goals and special situations. We created this resource center as a way to provide educational materials delivered directly to your inbox. Simply click on one of the topics below and register for our informative reports. As your family office, the 360 Wealth Management team is on hand to provide personalized and expedited assistance for any of the topics below. We welcome you to Contact our offices for a complimentary private consultation. 


Starting Out

Starting your financial journey will be exciting and rewarding. This educational series covers a broad range of topics from basic budgeting to retirement planning.

Changing Jobs

Moving on to bigger and better opportunities? This educational series will provide you with valuable resources during your career transition.

Coping with Unemployment

Face unemployment with a plan.The information contained in this series is designed to empower you through this period of uncertainty.

Getting Married

Achieve marital bliss through financial harmony! This series provides practical information on establishing a strong financial partnership.

Starting A Family

And baby makes three! Must have information for the growing family.

Buying a Home

This series of reports will outline important considerations when planning one of the largest purchases of your life.

Saving For College

Because they grow up so quickly! We have assembled a series of reports that address every aspect of educational planning.

Starting a Business

Are you ready to take a step toward more freedom and potential financial rewards?

Planning for Retirement

Gain the essential knowledge required to ensure your retirement goals are defined and a strategically implemented.

Managing College Expenses

Set of reports that will teach you unique ways to reduce the financial burden of paying for college.

Long Term Care Planning

Long-lasting illnesses and disabilities not covered by health insurance or Medicare affect nearly 70% of the population. Protect and maintain your financial independence.

Planning an Estate

Make sure your money goes to who you intend and pay the least amount in taxes. Manage and preserve your assets while you are here and long after you are gone.

Planning for Business Succession

Determine who your business will be transferred to and how much you or your family will be paid within a structure that minimizes taxes.

Nearing Retirement/ Retirement

Take control in the critical years before and after you retire. Nothing is more important than making sure your retirement income lasts a lifetime.

Caring for an Aging Parent

Caring for your aging parents is something you hope you can handle when the time comes. Be prepared by taking the necessary steps we outline for you in this series.

Loss of Spouse

Settling an estate and organizing finances after the loss of a spouse can be overwhelming. During this time of transition, there are steps you can take to make matters less difficult.

Financial Windfall

What would you do with an extra $10 million? Sudden wealth will transform your life but comes with great responsibility. Avoid common pitfalls and create sustained wealth.

Getting Divorced

Divorce can be a lengthy process that strains your finances leaving you feeling out of control. The right preparation can protect your interests and save you time and money.


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